Meet the team – Lee Whitehead

Tell us a little about yourself?

I just turned 30 and got engaged over Christmas to girlfriend Kate. We’ve just had a new born son (hes 10 weeks old now) called Harry. Also got a wedding to plan and need a bigger house so it’s a very busy period of my life at the moment!

What is your role at R&D?

I am manager and associate at our Oldham office, which in terms of the volume of property we deal with, is the groups biggest office. I spend most of the day out on valuation appointments, doing approx 5/6 per day.

How long have you been part of the R&D team?

Since I left school – 13 years now!

Did you grow up wanting to be an estate agent?

Errrr, I don’t think anyone really wants to be an estate agent when they are growing up, I did want to be an architect though so there has always been an interest in property there somewhere!

What would be your ideal job?

Wine taster

How many times have you moved home yourself? Do you enjoy it?

I have only moved house once, to my current property 7 years ago, very exciting as it was my first house but a little scary as I was finally leaving home.

What is your favorite property that you have dealt with?

I sold a £865,000 house in Lees a couple of years ago-stunning property, the most expensive we have sold at Oldham, that would have to be my favourite, very exciting on the day of exchange!

What is your favorite part of being an estate agent?

My favourite part of being an estate agent is being out and about meeting a variety of ‘interesting’ people.

How do you feel about the reputation estate agents have?

I feel we are very unfairly treated, many people think we just swan round in BMW’s and do nothing else, I can assure you it is not the case and we all do work extremely hard. If something does go wrong with a house sale, 9 times out of 10 it is really nothing to do with us, but we get the brunt of it.

Have you ever found yourself in an unusual or comprising situation on a viewing or valuation?

I was once doing a viewing on a repossession in Oldham and slipped going out of the back door. There had been a leak and the yard was 3 foot deep in sewage, I went in head first-not very pleasant.

Have you ever sold a property to or for someone famous?

I once dealt with James Stannage, an old school shock jock DJ for those who don’t know. I also sold Sarah Lancashire’s old house.

Tell us about your hobbies outside of work?

I love all sport, particular football, huge Rochdale fan, this looks like the year we will finally win promotion, although knowing Dale we will find a way to blow it. Unfortunately it looks like Oldham will be relegated so we will miss each other again!!!

What would be your desert island disc?

I’m an 80’s saddo, would have to say ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran.


One response to “Meet the team – Lee Whitehead

  1. No mention of bowls or “Homes Under The Hammer”? 😀

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