Meet the Team – David Yates

What is your role at R&D?

I am the Assistant Manager/Valuer in the Middleton office.

How long have you been part of the R&D team?

I’ve been with R& D now since March 2006. I started off as a weekend receptionist at the Oldham office, moved to Full time in July 2007 at the Ashton Branch and more recently (October 09) moved to Middleton.

Tell us a bit about your Television career?

I have recently blossomed as a part time actor – TV guest appearances seem to be my specialty for the immediate future but you never know….

What would be your ideal job?

I think that anything getting paid to play sport so anything from football cricket or golf. I think there would be nothing better than playing a sport and then getting paid vast quantities of money for it.

Who or what sparked your interest in property?

Getting the Job at Oldham! I’d never thought too hard about it until I got a little more involved, which is why I decided to move full time.

When do you plan to buy your first home?

Hopefully sometime next year, but life at home is too easy for me at the moment.

What is your favorite property that you have dealt with?

Favorite property would have to be when I was in Ashton and we sold 56 Broadoak Road. This was my favourite as it was sold to one of our vendors that really wanted the house and it was a lot of work to get them in there.

What is your boss like?

He is a good teacher and likes everything to be done the way that he wants it to be done (like most managers), however he is dreadful at FIFA.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

I currently have 466 friends on Facebook but I must admit to not knowing all of them very well.

You can follow David on twitter @y88s – he’s the quiet one…


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