Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

With more than 750 million active Facebook users and 175 million Twitter users worldwide it was only a matter of time before the sites would evolve from being simply a social networking site to being a widely accepted business and marketing tool with more and more businesses using these form of media to reach their audience.

In theUK alone we have 30 million Facebook users and 53% of users are aged 25-54 year olds being an ideal target audience for moving home, and this figures is constantly increasing. So how can you use Facebook and Twitter to help market your home?

Ryder and Dutton have always been committed to keeping up to date with the latest technologies and the social media developments have been no exception. We have been actively marketing our brand on Twitter and Facebook for some time but you can also use this media to advertise your properties for sale to friends, family and colleagues.

There are a few ways you can send your property details through your own Facebook and Twitter feeds. Simply log onto Rightmove and find a property and you will see the social media logos for Twitter and Facebook. 

Once you have found your property you can choose to share the link through your own Facebook and Twitter to all your friends and followers. Once you select either the twitter or facebook icon it will ask you to enter your twitter or facebook account details in order to share the link with your friends and followers.           

It’s a fantastic way to alert people you know to the fact you are selling your home and who knows, they may even know someone looking to buy!

With this instant, information-hungry society we live within, social media has certainly made a huge impact on how we share information. Ranging from the sharing of news stories to photographs to recommendations, it makes sense to take advantage and embrace these opportunities to share your property details. 

You can keep up with the latest news and views from Ryder and Dutton on our facebook page or follow us on Twitter


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