Oldham Athletic Fans V Staff Match

It happens every year but this time its special!!!


Our very own footballing legend Mark (Xavi) Goodwin will be stepping onto the hallowed ground of Oldham Athletic to pit his footballing prowess against a team that includes two Ex International players in the form of Oldham Athletic Manager PAUL DICKOV and  Assistant Manager GERRY TAGGART!!!!

The venue is the incomparable Boundary Park (quite literally you will find no other ground with three stands!), the date Bank Holiday Monday 7th May, Kick off 2pm.

Fans v Staff Match!

The fans start the game with a 3-0 advantage! What are your thoughts?

Can experience win the day and close the gap or will the passion of the fans shine through?

Your thought and predictions please! 

Above Mark (Xavi) Goodwin who Kindly agreed (OK so he begged!!) to have his photo taken with the renowned Latics Manager legend Mr Paul Dickov, on behalf of Ryder & Dutton. We wish Mark and his team mates all the best on the day.

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