Large Percentages of Deposits are Witheld Due to Cleaning Issues


Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the main reasons why deposit money is witheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property, according to recent findings.

A report from About Property quotes a survey by tenancy deposit scheme MyDeposits. According to the report, of those landlords and agents who did keep some tenant deposit back, 78% cited having to pay for cleaning as the reason.

Of those that did keep some of the deposit78 per cent reported the most common factor was to pay for cleaning costs after the tenant had left, which can result in a costly professional cleaner coming into the property

Another major cause for withholding the deposit was unpaid rent whilst damage to property, furniture and carpets were also cited as reasons why tenants didn’t receive all of their deposit money back.

The triangular shaped burn in the carpet usually found underneath an armchair positioned in an unusual place is a particularly common problem.

For this reason at Ryder & Dutton we insist in our tenancy agreement that the tenant insures the landlords contents for accidental damage. (We can’t insist the tenant insures their own contents, thats up to them). This won’t cover cleaning costs but it does mean that the damaged lounge carpet can be replaced by claiming on the policy and that the tenant loses only the policy excess rather than the whole of the deposit.

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