Ryder and Dutton at The Halifax ‘Running on Empty’ Event

Ryder and Dutton were delighted to be invited to the Halifax Town Hall for their ‘Running on Empty’ Event designed to help owners of empty properties that they may be interested in bringing back into use.

Pictured below are Stuart North and Stephanie Chatterton from the Halifax branch of Ryder & Dutton who this week were delighted to attended a property exhibition called ‘Running on Empty’ hosted by Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Held at The Halifax Town Hall the exhibition was aimed at owners of empty properties who may be interested in bringing vacant properties back into use, either by selling the property or perhaps renting the house out.  

The event attracted a lot of attendees and Ryder and Dutton Associate Stuart North commented “It is great to see the fantastic response the public has shown and to have the opportunity to assist so many owners of empty properties who were clearly unsure what to do. In many instances people had simply held onto empty properties far longer than they had intended doing and were keen to explore both the sales and lettings potential that was available to them. To release a capital lump sum from the sale of a property or achieve a steady rental income were potential options for many of the visitors. Attendance at the exhibition has resulted in some positive feedback for ourselves and a number of enquiries have come out of the day. To offer such important guidance and to see how appreciative people were of the information and expert advice given on the day was a real honour for us”.

If anyone would like any information regarding an empty property that you currently own, or in fact any property that you require advice about, don’t just wait for such an event to be held. We are always happy to offer guidance on any such matter and can be contacted on 0161 925 3255.


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