Ryder and Dutton support Oldham Food Bank

Food Bank Logo

This festive season Ryder & Dutton have decided to support a local charity in its work within the community. 

There were so many wonderful charities but we have taken the final decision to support Oldham Foodbank and its work for the people of Oldham. The charity has attracted a lot of publicity, yet all its work is solely based on the generosity of local volunteers and the food donations received at the centre. 

The Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food from tinned meat, pasta, milk to small snacks and breakfast cereals for families.

Oldham Foodbank works in partnership with care professionals such as doctors, social workers and police, who can identify people in crisis and issue them with a Foodbank voucher. This voucher then entitles them to a box made up of the donated food to last them at least 3 days, in the hope it will just help people in the few days it can take them to get some further provisions in place.

The people at Oldham Foodbank work extremely hard to try and have sufficient support and resources to help the people of Oldham and we are delighted to be able to help them this Christmas.

Ryder & Dutton are looking to collect donations from our own employees as well as accepting donations at our local offices, where we will setup a drop off point for any food donations from the public or even businesses who wish to donate also.

Please remember that no matter how small, everything helps people in our community. The suggested items to donate includes:

Tinned Meat, Tinned Fruit, Sponge Pudding, Tinned Vegetables, UHT Milk, Sugar, Biscuits, Fruit Juice and coffee.

Pictured below is Ryder and Dutton on their visit to Oldham Foodbank.

Foobank Blog Picture

Pictured above are: Father Simon Sayer, St Margaret’s Rrt Revd Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, Val Cockcroft O/M Foodbank Treasurer
Father David Hawthorn, St Margaret’s, Andrew Barr, O/m Foodbank Co-ordinator, Sandra Jones Volunteer, Barry Dainty, Chair of O/m Foodbank Management Committee and Victoria Hindle of Ryder and Dutton.


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