How do you reward staff to encourage outstanding service


Incentivising staff in the right way means they remain focused on providing a top quality service rather than continually looking for the next sale at any cost.

Negotiators who are paid on individual commission tend to focus only on the properties for which they are responsible. A shared commission pot can help alleviate some of the problems but it can also lead to tension in the office which can ultimately affect the way customers are treated.

At Ryder & Dutton our staff bonus scheme is based on service quality rather than on commission per sale. You decide on the financial reward that the tean receives (if any) by completing our customer service questionnaire. The bonus is only paid for ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ service (and outstanding is worth much more than excellent).

All staff receive a share of the pot so it is in everyones interest to provide the best possible service at all times whoever it is they are speaking to or dealing with for whatever reason. This means that each member of staff feels responsible not just to you but also to the team as a whole as everyone strives  for an ‘outstanding’ result.


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