Can buyers and tenants find your home on their mobile?

Did you know that 55% of home-movers regularly search for their dream home on a mobile device1 or that over 50% of the UK population now own a smartphone?2

Mobile Website thumbnail

Mobile phones are certainly changing the way we communicate, research and even purchase.
Today we expect every website to work perfectly on our mobile. If it doesn’t, we simply move onto the next website. How many times have you given up looking at a website because it was hard to use on your mobile? And you wouldn’t be alone, a recent poll suggested that just under a third of consumers would move onto a different website if it failed to work well on their mobile3.

For those who think that mobile is the preserve of the younger generations, think again. Recent statistics suggest that 64% of mobile users are aged over 35.4 That’s why it is more important than ever to ensure buyers and tenants of all ages can easily find your home on their mobile.

According to the UK’s number one property website Rightmove, around a third of all Rightmove searches are performed on mobile,5 and this trend looks set to continue. If your property cannot be seen easily and quickly on a mobile device you could be missing out on potential buyers and tenants looking for their dream home.

Advertising your home with Ryder and Dutton means your home will automatically be advertised on all Rightmove’s hugely popular mobile apps meaning buyers and renters can see your property on any device, anytime of the day, quickly and easily.

Our own website is also mobile and smartphone friendly and our extended telephone lines are available Monday to Friday 9.30am until 8.30pm, and Weekends 10am until 4pm – Giving your home maximum coverage!

For more information on making your home stand out on mobile, speak to us! 

1. Independent survey of 2,400 home-movers, Research Now, May 2012
2. ONS, UK adult population, 2010 and Comscore, UK mobile device users, July 2012
3. IAB John Lewis Mobile Campaign Research
4. comScore MobiLens, 3 month average ending December 2012, United kingdom
5. Rightmove data, 2012



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