Do Agents Boards really help advertise properties?

With the advances in advertising does an Estate Agents board still help advertise properties?


An estate agents for sale sign is perhaps one of the few traditional methods of advertising that still exists in today’s hi tech marketing world. The days of having photographs developed and attached to printed sales brochures have definitely been replace by digital photographs, website advertising and online brochures that are available 24 hours a day.

Yet for sale signs have survived the test of time and are still an incredibly valuable marketing tool.

There are lots of reasons why a for sale sign is still so important and why you should really consider having a board up to advertise a property for sale or for rent.


1. A traditional for sale sign can instantly identify that a property is up for sale, or rent, alerting all passing traffic that there is an opportunity to purchase or rent your property. Even your friends and neighbours may be able to recommend your property to people that they know are currently house hunting, and that could generate extra enquiries about your property!

2. Do not under estimate the number of people that still drive round looking at potential areas to help decide where they want to live and looking out for potential houses on the market!

One of the most popular ways for potential buyers to research an area and to see if they like where a property is situated is for people to drive round an area to see it for themselves. This can be especially popular during the summer months as the lighter nights make it much easier. This can be a real bonus as a seller as your home often looks its best during the summer months so make sure you keep the outside of your property clean and tidy … you never know which potential buyers may be looking from the outside!

3. Viewers often forget to jot down your door number ahead of a viewing so we often find viewers head to the street and then rely on your for sale sign to locate your property. Without an agents board it can make it harder to locate your property.

4. Despite the internet being so important you would be surprised how many people still call and say, ‘I have just seen your for sale board at a particular property’. Potential house hunters might see an agents board on the school run, heading to work or perhaps just on their way to the supermarket.

5. If house hunters are viewing another property close by, they often take the opportunity to have a look round the surrounding streets whilst they are there could stumble upon your for sale sign by accident. With Ryder and Dutton’s telephone lines being available until 8.30pm on weeknights we are often on hand to help with such enquiries.

It is surprising just how many benefits an agents for sale or to let board can still offer despite all the advances in marketing and advertising, and just how much it can actually compliment some of the website advertising.



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