Did you know that now could be a very good time to speak to lenders about taking out a Mortgage?

In April of 2014 a new mortgage market review (MMR) came into place that saw Lenders move to a tougher regime that put all prospective purchasers through a ‘stress test’ to ensure a borrowers ability to repay the loan, however as we fast approach the final few weeks of 2014 the lenders still need to meet their lending targets for the end of the year.

This has created a greater availability of mortgages and has led to what some have described as a ‘mortgage price war’ amongst lenders. Some mortgage rates have been slashed to record levels, with particularly good deals currently available for first time buyers.

Borrowers are urged to speak to lenders now to take advantage of these deals and not risk waiting until the New Year, when it is likely there may not be such fantastic offers available.

With lenders prices constantly changing, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a professional mortgage adviser so that you can access all the deals that are currently available.

If you are looking to buy a home don’t wait until after Christmas to try and find the best deal – speak to an adviser now!



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