Brighten up the exterior of your property to stand out from the crowd

Spring and Summer is a popular time of year to market your property and it is also an ideal time of year to get your gardens and the exterior of your property looking its best to help you stand out from the crowd when marketing your home.

Shawclough Thumbnail

With so many property searches done online, getting the exterior presentation of your home right can really help you stand out from the crowd by creating the right kerb appeal when marketing your home.

Even if your property is already on the market you can take advantage of the time of year by giving your home a make over and getting some new pictures taken to better show off your property.


Spending some time on the gardens at this time of year can really improve the overall appearance of your home.

Simply by mowing the lawn, cutting back any hedges and overgrown plants, weeding the flower beds and the paving stones can make a property look so much more presentable for very little expenditure, helping ensure your property catches the attention of potential buyers.

Paths and Driveways

Paths and driveways need to be clean and free from weeds and overgrown planting. The last thing you want is for viewers to have to try and squeeze past overgrown hedges to get to your front door.

If you can, have paths, patios and the driveway jet washed. This transforms the look of a property.


Look at any exterior paintwork including any garden fencing to check its in good order. Any faded or peeling paint work is worth re-painting to give it a spruce up and the difference it can make is amazing.

Add a splash of colour

Brighten up your property with a splash of colour by adding a few hanging baskets or free standing pots to your gardens. What’s best is you can take these items with you and utilise them in your next home.

Garage or storage

If you have any rubbish in your gardens, garage or shed then clear this out. Most buyers will want to look in your garage and shed anyway so why not have that clear out now before the viewings start. You want them to see the maximum storage potential.


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