Three bed semi-detached homes are this year’s best sellers

Research from Move with Us has demonstrated that three bedroom semi-detached homes will be the best sellers on the property market this year. In a survey of 130 estate agents, when asked which property type they think will sell best in their area in 2015, 46% said semi-detached.

When asked which number of bedrooms they believe will sell best 70% opted for three bedroom homes. This is the third year in a row, agents have voted three bed semis as the best sellers in the property market.

Other estate agents noted that any properties at the lower end of the market will sell well this year in addition to new builds.


Best-selling properties by region


Best-selling property

East Anglia

2 bed semis

East Midlands

3 bed semis

Greater London

3 bed flats

North East

3 bed semis

North West

3 bed semis


3 bed detached

South East

3 bed semis

South West

3 bed semis


3 bed semis

Yorkshire and Humber

3 bed semis


Simon King, Director of Move with Us commented:“The age of the first time buyer has been increasing over the years and with the 5% deposit brought about by the Help to Buy scheme, many home buyers are now opting to purchase three bedroom properties as their first home. They’re skipping the first rung of the property ladder, forgoing the starter home and moving straight into a property that they can grow into.”

“Three bedroom semi-detached properties have always been one of the most popular property types and are typically a solid investment. Three bed semis are also popular for investors. The low entry point in some regions means they can generate a good rental yield.”


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