Preparing Rental Accommodation for the Market


If you are looking to rent your property out make sure you follow some simple steps to help secure a tenant as quickly as possible.

House to rent

If you are a landlord of a property you will understand the worry of having void periods between tenants. Having a rental property stood empty for long periods between tenants can be incredibly frustrating, as well as costly.

Here are our top tips to help you find a tenant for your property as quickly as possible.

  1. Clean the property thoroughly

Even when a tenant cleans a property on departure you can often find giving a rental property a thorough spring clean can help smarten the property up and increase its appeal to potential tenants.

  1. Think Practical!

Always remember that a rental property is not your own home so rather than choose furniture and colour schemes that suit you, it’s much better to go for practical and neutral colours and furnishings that will appeal to everyone. Materials that are hard wearing and durable are ideal for rented accommodation.

  1. Check for any urgent repairs

Is there any work that needs to be done on the property? Are there any areas of repair that might put potential tenants off?  It is much better to get any work the property needs completed in between tenants – that way access to the property isn’t a problem, the repairs won’t disrupt your next tenant and a potential tenant will not be put off from applying for the property.

  1. Storage Space

Plenty of storage space can be very appealing to tenants. Ensuring there is somewhere for the iron and ironing board, children’s toys and general storage so make use of any storage space or cupboards that the property has. If there is limited storage space available,  you may want to consider some inexpensive free standing storage.

  1. Don’t forget your gardens

The outside of a property is often the first impression a tenant will have of your property so make sure your gardens are tidy and paths weeded and swept.

When marketing your rental property we will help advise if there is anything that needs to be done at the property to help secure a tenant. Sometimes very small improvements can help save time and money in the long run and help avoid any costly void periods.


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