Selling your Home this Autumn

Now October is here, we can officially say that summer is over and we prepare to welcome in the autumn.

Row of Typical English Terraced Houses at London.

Although we may miss the warmer days, the good news is that autumn can be a very popular time of year to market your home.

The summer months represent the main holiday season for many people and this can have a direct impact on the property market with many sellers and potential purchasers spending time away on holiday, not to mention all the time it takes to prepare for your holidays before you leave!

Summer is also usually extremely busy for families as they find themselves preoccupied with the constraints of juggling childcare over the school holidays and coping with the demands of entertaining youngsters. This can have an impact of the amount of time families have available and co-ordinating times to get everyone together for viewings can be a problem in itself!

Autumn is a great time of year to look at marketing your property because we no longer face the main holiday season and major school holidays. There is a real sense of getting ‘back to normal’ and this directs people’s attention back to moving home.

Buyers also return to the market at this time of year because Christmas can be an important deadline with many families striving to be in their new homes for Christmas, therefore you do not want to miss the influx of new buyers autumn can bring.

Tips to make the most of marketing your home this autumn;

Don’t leave it too late

Don’t wait until the Christmas seasonal slow down is upon us. Market your home now to take full advantage of the autumn property market.


Photographing your home is of paramount importance, after all a picture speaks a thousand words, so get your photographs taken now before the weather starts to deteriorate.


Whilst it is ideal to show viewers round your home with lots of natural daylight, this isn’t always possible. Viewers may not be available to view your home until the evenings and they don’t always like to wait until the weekend to arrange an appointment. If you are arranging to show viewers round your home in the evenings make sure your home is well lit, warm and inviting. Viewers are looking to visualise themselves living there so make sure it feels welcoming.


An outside space can be really sought after so keep it looking smart by sweeping up the leaves and perhaps add a few evergreen tubs and planters to add some colour. You can always utilise these in your next home too.

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One response to “Selling your Home this Autumn

  1. Great article, I really like the ideas you share with us on how to improve the look of the home for sell and how to make the most of marketing! I agree that Autumn is a great time for listing the house for sale and I can also add that the season is great for listing it on for tenants! For the same reasons that people now have more time to manage house selling agreements, it is also most likely to find a house for rent quicker this time of the year.

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