Are people really house hunting over Christmas?

Research from Rightmove reveals the answer is a resounding yes!

Whilst some of us were still enjoying our Christmas dinner or  unwrapping gifts, many of us were starting  our search for a new home on Christmas Day last year with Rightmove receiving over one million visitors to its site!

It could be possible that some of the traffic is due to the new mobiles and tablets that find their way under people’s Christmas trees; however the traffic increase to Rightmove was not only on Christmas Day, but right through to the New Year with millions of people visiting Rightmove over the holidays.

There is a danger of believing that people are just too busy with the festivities over Christmas to think about house hunting; however it can actually be a very popular time of year for people deciding to move home, resulting in levels of traffic to the site that sellers do not want to miss.

Over Christmas families sometimes have the opportunity to take some time off work and spend more time together to actually sit down and start their search for a new home and spending time at home over Christmas with all the new toys and presents can make people realise that they need more space.

We all like to start every year with new found optimism for a new start and this can be a powerful factor in helping people make the final decision that they want to go ahead and move home, especially if it is something that they have been thinking of for some time.

Whatever the reasons one thing is for sure, there is a huge demand for property details over the Christmas season so if you are thinking of selling your home next year, can you afford to miss out on the interest your property could receive this Christmas?

Talk to us today about how best to beat the New Year rush and get your property seen these holidays.


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