Cleaning Disputes Up Almost 50% Over The Last Five Years

According to the latest data from the Tenant Deposit Scheme, cleaning continues to take the lion’s share of deposit disputes, up almost 50% over the last five years.

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In fact cleaning has consistently been the commonest dispute in cases brought to the TDS and arises in around half of the cases they deal with (58%).  In 2015, the proportion of disputes involving cleaning claims climbed again and is now at its highest level since the start of the scheme.

The second most common cause of disputes is damage to property (52%), followed by redecoration (32%), gardening (17%) and rent arrears (10%).

Ryder & Dutton provide a detailed inventory for all of our properties to protect both the tenant and landlords and we can help organise tenants liability insurance to help protect tenants from losing their deposit due to accidental damage to the property, or damage to the landlords possessions.

In our tenancy agreements Ryder & Dutton insist all our tenants take out this insurance. It may not clean the property for you, but it will help cover you for any damage, meaning you only need to worry about ensuring the property is clean when it is time to move out.

Accidents around the home do happen. By insuring your own belongings and also including cover for accidental damage to the landlord’s property, this could save you losing your deposit.

You can also speak to us about organising a pre-sign out inspection if you are concerned about the property.

For more information contact us on 0161 626 6800.


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