Looks can be deceiving as we found with this Vase!

Ryder & Dutton were asked to carry out a valuation on a small terraced house when our valuer spotted this battered, cracked and chipped vase that she thought worthy of further investigation.


The vendor felt it was pointless as they’d had a House Clearance firm round who’d told them it was worthless and along with a number of other items had offered them £200.

The vendor said they would have accepted £500, however we referred it to our Asian Art and ITV’s Masterpiece expert, Rachel Houston-Holland, who realised that it was an extremely rare vase from the Dauguang Period, circa 1820 and that even in it’s damaged condition was extremely interesting find.

The Vase was entered into Wright Marshall’s fine arts Auction sale on 21st July, where the vase sold for £25,000! A fantastic result for our client.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any items that you wish our Antique and Fine Art experts to appraise, free of charge, or watch out for our next valuation day.

0161 925 3254 or fineart@ryder-dutton.co.uk


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